Our Mission

We love to introduce people into the community of Jesus and to develop passionate disciples.

This means whether you don't think you have any faith, or you've walked with Jesus all your life, we want to help you trust your life to God in more practical and effective ways. We think this happens four different ways.

  • We grow our faith by following Jesus in baptism and spiritual disciplines such as prayer and study.
  • We grow our faith by growing together, learning to be the body of Christ with one another.
  • We grow our faith by serving others in our church and in our surrounding community.
  • We grow our faith by sharing the story of God's work in our lives and God's work throughout history.

Our Values

Faith should be simple, even when living it out might not always be that way. So we protect our mission by operating under these key values that keep us together and focused on Jesus, even when life gets complicated.

  • We strive for clarity because God's grace for us is clear and our ministry with one another is more effective when we are clear.
  • We strive for authenticity because we are all sinners in need of God's grace, and pretending to be something we are not prevents God from doing the work in us that He has planned to do.
  • We strive for meaningful interactions because whether we are in the middle of a deep conversation, crying with one another over loss, or simply having fun, God can use any moment to grow our faith.