Daily Devotional Submissions

What is your favorite Bible verse, and how has it impacted your life?

You are invited to write and submit short devotionals about one of your favorite Bible verses and what it means to your life. Reflect on God’s work in your life and His message of hope. Reveal how He has blessed you, changed you and how you have grown spiritually in your walk with Him. Share thoughts and insights about God, express your gratefulness to Him and admit your need of Him.

Devotional Guidelines: 

  1. Select a Bible verse, and clearly reference the passage quoted and version used.
  2. Express what the verse means to you and why it speaks to your life.
  3. Share a story, testimony or personal experience to illustrate your point.
  4. Add reflections, insights, a turning point or lessons learned.
  5. Conclude with a sentence prayer of praise or petition.
  6. Include an email address you are willing to share so that individuals can express their gratitude for your devotional.
  7. Check your word count. (300 words or less; including the Bible verse and prayer.)
  8. Send your devotional with a statement that you release us to to have it published.

There are no age restrictions, nor restrictions on how many you may submit. We will compile the devotionals and provide some minor editing as needed. Glimpses of the devotional will be sent out throughout the rest of this year and we hope to publish it as a devotional for 2021!