New Years Eve Glow Dodgeball Tournament

We are excited to announce our first ever blacklight, glow in the dark dodgeball tournament for this coming New Years Eve! Wear reactive clothes and come out for some food, fun and dodgeball! Teams can register for a suggested donation of $5 per player ($30 per team) to help us cover the costs of the evening. Spectators are invited as well to watch the friendly competition as well as enjoying games and socializing throughout the night as we bring in 2019 together! For a full list of rules or to register your 6 person team see below. Doors open at 6:30 here at North Hills!

  • Preschool Age Games begin at 7 pm
  • Elementary Age Games begin at 7:30 pm
  • Adult Games begin at 8:30 pm

Register Your Team Here

Tournament Rules

Starting the Game

  • Court size is 20 ft x 40 ft with a center line and return lines 5 feet from the center line
  • 2 teams will be composed of 6 players with a minimum of 2 male and 2 female players
  • Teams will begin the game with 1 foot touching the end line and race to grab a ball
  • 3 balls in the centre zone and 1 ball with each team
  • When retrieving ball from the center line, you must move back past the 5 foot return line before being able to make your first throw. This is only valid for the beginning of each game.

Playing the Game

  • A game = 3 minutes
  • A match = best of 5 or 7 games as time permits
  • Substitutions are allowed between the 3 minute periods
  • You can use a ball in your possession to block a thrown ball – when blocking you must be in full control of the ball at all times

5 Second Rule and Valid Throw

  • Players have 10 seconds to throw unless they have the only ball on their team
  • A team can always hold on to 1 ball

Elimination (Getting Out)

  • Hit by a Dodgeball thrown by an opponent
  • An opposition player catches a Dodgeball that you have thrown
  • Stepping over the centre zone lines or out of court
  • You lose control of the ball you are holding due to an opponent’s throw


  • A successful catch brings a teammate back in to the game. First Out First In
  • The catcher may fumble the ball and make a successful catch as long as the ball has not touched anything else.

The Save Rule

  • You can SAVE a teammate from getting OUT if you catch a ball deflected off them without the ball having touched another player or surface
  • A SAVE does not eliminate the thrower

Head shots

  • Head shots do not count and both players will remain in

Winning a Game

  • Eliminating all the opposition players
  • Having more players still in play at the end of a game


  • Officials may eliminate players for unsportsmanlike conduct including, but not limited to, intentionally targeting player’s heads or language that is not family friendly.
  • Please no arguing with the officials. Bring any complaints to league organizers after the match.

Variations for Kids’ Matches:

  • Team size is composed of 4 players
  • A game = 2 minutes
  • A match = best of 3 or 5 games as time permits