Resurrection Weekend at North Hills

While this year is different with COVID19 changing our usual traditions, we are still excited to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with you! Though we can't gather together, we can be united in spirit and celebrate with one another through cyberspace. Join us for the various streaming events this weekend as well as through some "Easter at Home" downloads! Let's make this a memorable Easter for years to come!

  • Friday night - Communion

    At 7 pm, we will reflect, listen, sing, and, most of all, remember Jesus' last supper and the cross. We remember by encouraging you to participate at home with us in foot washing and communion as Jesus did with his disciples. Simply prepare with a water basin or bowl, hand towels and some grape juice and crackers. We'll mail some communion supplies to those we can, but we may not get everyone.

  • Saturday Morning - EASTER REFLECTIONS

    At 9:45 am we will begin with kids programming as is usual for our Saturday morning streams. Then we will have our worship experience together at 11:05 hearing from a variety of people what Easter means to them in this unique year.

    - 9:45 am - Preschool

    - 10:05 am - Elementary

    - 10:25 am - Middle School

    - 10:45 am - High School

    - 11:05 am - Worship Service

  • Sunday Morning - Sunrise Streaming

    Join us at 6:00 am for our online stream! We'll watch the sunrise as we reflect on God's Son rising from the dead that morning in the garden! It will be a great way to begin our celebration of Easter in our homes!

    After our stream, we encourage you to eat brunch as a family. We're providing Pastor Terry's famous waffle recipe (see below) so that while we may be apart, we can all eat something similar together on this special occasion!

    We're also providing some downloads for parents and kids! Check out our special activities for Easter morning and afternoon! You can embark on a scavenger hunt that tells the Easter story, or have fun with games and videos in "Easter Jam!," or you could have a blast with both! Downloads are below!

Pastor Terry's Waffles

Here is Terry's wisdom for this waffle recipe! Enjoy cooking together and share a picture of your breakfast in our Facebook group!

Don’t be afraid to experiment – the key is to get a good hot waffle iron that produces plenty of steam to help the waffles rise. There is no leavening and no eggs so using a deep-tooth belgian waffle maker is critical, preferably one that flips and locks for the initial baking. You can use other nuts than pecans, but the pecans give the best flavor and texture. If you make the batter and leave it overnight in the refrigerator, it will become super thick – just thin down with some water until it’s the consistency of good pancake batter.

3 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
½ cup Pecans
2 cups Almond milk (or coconut, or soy)
½ cup Water
1Tbs. Coconut oil
1 tsp. Salt
1 Tbs. Honey or coconut sugar (opt.)

Blend all ingredients for 1 to 1½ minutes, let set for 5 minutes.
Best made on a rotating Belgian waffle maker. Heat waffle iron to 4+ (hot). Lightly spray surface with cooking spray (optional) and pour enough batter to fill waffle iron. Close and cook until most of the steam dissipates (about 5-7 minutes). Best served right out of the waffle iron, but can be frozen to be put in the toaster later.
Good and good for you, these waffles are about as healthy as it gets, but taste is not sacrificed -- wonderful with all kinds of fresh fruit toppings, applesauce, maple syrup. You can also add shredded carrots, or nuts, or blueberries.

Family Easter Downloads

Each of these downloads is a resource for you and your family. Take a look at each one and decide which ones fit best for you and your kids! Let us know what you liked most in our Facebook group!


Easter Jam is a fun Easter celebration for the whole family. Full of games, videos, songs and meaningful discussions, you'll have a great time as a family exploring the story of Jesus' resurrection!


Check out a Easter Week Devotional for Families. It's a great way throughout the week to talk about the resurrection story together as a family!


For Easter Morning, use this Scavenger Hunt to tell the story of Easter and lead your kids to an Easter basket!