Monkey butler Improv

Free Weekly improv workshops!

Family Friendly Comedy Training

Looking for something exciting and unique to do? Check out Monkey Butler! A FREE improv comedy workshop every Tuesday night at 7pm. Beginning Oct. 3rd at North Hills Church. Open to all ages and skill levels, you'll find yourself out of your comfort zone, laughing, and connecting with others. Then, you have the option to stay afterward and pray for one another. We'd love to see you there!


Our Curriculum

Original and non-linear

Monkey Butler's curriculum is designed for you to jump in and learn at any time. Whether it's the first week of a cycle, or the last, there is more to pre learned with your fellow actors. Each warmup, exercise and scene is designed to get you to react and create more quickly! You'll learn about the formation of stories, character development, working with a team, and more! Best of all you'll build the confidence to FAIL GLORIOUSLY, discovering that failure can often bring more growth (and more laughter) than you ever thought possible. 

Monkey Butler has been around for decades, offering free workshops in multiples states and even countries. As it grows in this area, the curriculum and opportunities to perform will grow as well, so come check out a free workshop!

Free Workshops

Each workshop is fine-tuned to focus on a particular aspect of improv. Learn something new each time you come!

Student Shows

Our One-Buck Butler shows and more are a great opportunity for family and friends to come see all that you have learned!

Multiple Levels

Multiple levels of workshops are coming soon so that you can continue to grow!


Improv is such a great way to have fun with others and to connect people from all backgrounds. That's why we offer the option for students to stay afterward and pray together.