Teen Challenge Week

Five days of spiritually charged adventure

Teen Challenge week is an opportunity for those ages 12-18 to grow deeper in their relationship with God and with one another. As independence grows during this season of life, we want our young people to be empowered to own their faith and make their relationship with Jesus a personal one. As they engage in activities that may take them out of their comfort zone, they'll learn how to work with others, appreciate those with different strengths, see the image of God in those they meet, and discover that they can truly trust Jesus with their life!

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July 15-19

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  • Monday

    Nothing helps teamwork quite like a ropes course! Learn to work together and maximize one another's strengths! We'll have opportunities to grow safely in both low and high ropes!

  • Tuesday

    Work together as a team on a special escape room experience! Then head out to the field for some fun with our Bubble Soccer games!

  • Wednesday

    There is no better way to show others God's love than by serving them in areas of great need! Together we can make a difference in our community!

  • Thursday

    Hiking is an amazing way to remember that God is in ultimate control. Sin has been defeated and death has been overcome. Hike with us as we are joined by the one and only "Wild Man Dan!" We'll notice all sorts of creatures and learn as we have fun together.

  • Friday

    A day out at the beach learning some new skills is a great place to reflect on God and what God has given each of us. Let's use our talents for God's kingdom! We'll end the week with a special service around the bonfire, so plan to join your teen here in the evening!