Community Group Resources

Discovering catalysts for growth

Community Groups are how we care for each other. That means it less about what you do and more about who you do it with. But a good study can really become a catalyst for discussions and growth of the whole group, so find a resource that will fit your group!

Series Resources

Each week we put together study resources that go along with our current series. Take a look below and see if something we are doing or have done in the past can be a catalyst for your group towards discussion and growth.

Starting a new group? Check out our guide for your first meeting here:

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Other Sources for Material

Here's a good list for finding materials for your group. No, we haven't vetted everything in it, but we know about lives being positively impacted because of the material that came from each of these sources. So take a look and prayerfully consider what fits your group. We're always here to help navigate or to review material before you choose to use it.

  • A mix of videos, audio clips, and discussion questions that are all throughout this site. It's a great place to study a topic or an entire section of Scripture together. They also have a really good plan for reading through the Bible, and an app to guide you.

  • You'll find a variety of resources here including curriculum, tips for being a great group leader, and even guides for personal spiritual growth. Everything is categorized so you can find resources that fit your group.

  • This site requires a subscription, but they have great curriculum as well as a strategy for growing and maximizing your group. A group can share the cost, or if multiple groups want to experience it then we can work out when, and for how long, to have the subscription.

  • Life Church and their network of churches offer all of their small group materials for free. Navigating can be a little confusing, but overall there are great resources for studying books of the Bible or topics of nearly any kind.